Increased survival rates for people affected by cancers


World Cancer Day, on 4 February, is an occasion to evaluate the progress already made against cancer, and to encourage its prevention.

Cancer is a major public health issue, and features among the leading causes of mortality worldwide, with approximately 14 million new cases diagnosed every year. Though these numbers are still high, research is leading to improved cancer prevention, screening, and treatment. Decreasing cancer death rates and an increasing number of cancer survivors are positive indicators of the progress realized.

A recent study, published on the 2nd February and carried out by four major French institutes, reveals that patients suffering from the most common types of cancers in France have seen their survival rates improve significantly since 1989. A similar study published in the United States a few months ago reports that cancer death rates, for both men and women, is declining continuously, especially since the early 1990s.

However, these encouraging numbers do not apply to all types of cancers. While some cancers, such as prostate cancer for men and breast cancer for women, have seen their mortality rates decreasing significantly, the pancreatic cancer mortality rate, among other, is increasing for both men and women in the United States.


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Despite major, encouraging advances, the fight against cancer is not over. There is a lot to do and improve in order to continue on this positive trend and the medical community highlight on the major role of prevention and pre-emptive screening. That remains the main objective of events such as World Cancer Day set out to achieve : increased awareness and education of the public, and giving support and hope to the patients.


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