A new step of action in the fight against Antimicrobial Resistance


The fight against antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a burning subject of global health with an estimated 700,000 deaths per year due to antimicrobial resistance today and this number is expected to rise to 10 million deaths by 2050 if decisive action is not taken by the global community now


Today, the united effort in the fight against AMR becomes more tangible: the first AMR Industry Alliance report was just released on 18 January 2018. This report aims to track progress made by the life-sciences industry with release of its first results.


Why the AMR Industry Alliance?

The AMR Industry Alliance, short for Antimicrobial Resistance Industry Alliance, is an alliance of a variety of companies in the life-sciences industry that are working closely with stakeholders in order to respond to the call for action of the United Nations put forth in 2016. It brings together over 100 research-based pharmaceutical, generics, biotechnology and diagnostic companies and trade associations. Sanofi is a founding member of the Alliance.

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The goal of the AMR Industry Alliance is not only to pro-actively address antimicrobial resistance in a multi-sectoral response, but also to take action against it. It is now more urgent than ever to take measures to tackle the danger of increasing drug-resistant infections. As a health journey partner, we at Sanofi play an important part in the AMR Industry Alliance and invest common efforts in the search for solutions to AMR.


Tracking progress to address AMR 

The objective of the report is to identify best practices, opportunities, and gaps where further efforts may be required by industry and other stakeholders. More specifically, the report provides unique insights into some of the practical steps that members are taking to respond to AMR in the areas of research and science, access, appropriate use, and last but not least, manufacturing and the environment. The data on which the report is based was collected from a survey to which 36 companies responded. This survey analyses the companies’ strategies with regards to AMR-relevant products and helps us to understand how the industry is taking action against the crisis.

Charles Wells, representing Sanofi as a member of the AMR Industry Alliance Board, answers our questions

Thomas Cueni, Director General, IFPMA, said:

 “The first AMR Industry Alliance Progress Report demonstrates the commitment of the research-based biopharmaceutical companies to bring much-needed positive momentum to curb AMR. Notwithstanding a challenging innovation environment and the current lack of economic incentives, the results of the report underline the crucial role of the private sector investments in research and development to respond to the challenges of AMR, with several antibiotics and vaccines currently in late stages of development. While the report clearly demonstrates the importance of partnerships and cross-sector collaboration, R&D biopharmaceutical companies, generics, SMEs, and diagnostics, it also highlights that much more needs to be done. To deliver sustainable solutions, ensuring cooperation with all stakeholders, including governments and international organizations, is the only viable way forward in the fight against AMR.”  –

Besides these first important steps of action, there are yet many more to come from across the industry and beyond that will serve to further contain antimicrobial resistance. For example, Sanofi developed a new app called Back’Attack with the aim to educate teenagers and children more about the appropriate use of antibiotics. Additional efforts by Sanofi will be undertaken during Antibiotic Awareness Week 2018. During last year’s Antibiotic Awareness Week 2017, Sanofi already demonstrated its commitment to the fight against microbial resistance (read more about it here).


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