Diabetes: Initiatives To Raise Awareness And Prevent

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A person dies from diabetes every six seconds1. The number of people with diabetes worldwide was estimated to be 382 million in 2013. Projections are not optimistic because in 25 years, this figure could reach 592 million, or three new cases every 10 seconds1. These figures underline the need for immediate action. On February 26, Sanofi joined the “Be He@lthy Be Mobile” initiative of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), in association with the World Health Organization (WHO).




The “Be He@lthy Be Mobile” initiative, joined by Sanofi in February 2015, was launched in 2012 by the ITU, in collaboration with the WHO. Targeting eight countries specifically, its goal is to focus on the use of mobile technologies to improve the prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) – with diabetes as a priority – as well as related concomitant diseases. Sanofi is becoming a strategic partner in ITU’s mDiabetes initiative, a program initiated in Senegal, which aims to employ successful mobile strategies for people with diabetes and their caregivers, and provide access to training health workers.

“Through Sanofi’s support, the Be He@lthy, Be Mobile initiative will employ successful mobile strategies for people with diabetes and their caregivers, and provide access to training for health workers in additional countries around the world, furthering our aim of bringing about far-reaching improvements in diabetes management, treatment and care.” ​Pierre Chancel, Senior Vice President,Sanofi Global Diabetes


Through its awareness and education programs2, Sanofi is actively involved in diabetes prevention, a prerequisite to slowing the epidemic in partnership with local health authorities and patient associations. These programs, such as, for example, one in Turkey, are also involved in fighting the discrimination that may be faced by people with diabetes.

There are 6.5 million diabetics loving in Turkey today adn every year 1700 children are newly diagnosed. Diabetic children in primary schools need special care and support and are often facing ignorance. Sanofi Turkey created the “Diabetes at school program” for them. This partnership between government authorities and Sanofi achieved, within two years time, to train 1000 healthcare professionals and teachers in 52 endocrinology centers to better diagnose, manage and prevent diabetes in Turkish schools.

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