Women’s Forum 2017: A gateway to the future of healthcare

Women's Forum 2017 Sanofi

Artificial intelligence, e-health, energy, and smart cities are among the topics on the agenda at the 13th Women’s Forum Global Meeting in Paris from October 5-6.


Since 2005, this forum – which will be held for the first time in the French Capital at the Carrousel du Louvre – has been a leading platform for women’s voices, views and values to explore global issues that cross social and economic boundaries.

Sanofi will be an official partner at the Women’s Forum for the seventh year in a row. The company is actively working towards achieving gender balance and diversity in the workplace. Its involvement in the forum reflects Sanofi’s commitment.


This year’s forum theme, ‘Engage for impact! Daring to lead in a disrupted world’ will be explored by more than 2,000 delegates from 70 countries. They will include women and men, scientists and policymakers, business leaders and trailblazers brought together across more than 100 sessions and workshops. How to rebuild trust with consumers, communities and employees, and how to embrace new ideas and ways of working will all be assessed. There will also be a renewed recognition of the importance of women’s empowerment in business.


“Our ambition is not only to highlight women’s voices and expertise on critical issues but to forge real solutions for change. We are addressing societal issues – not just women’s issues. Together we have to think about how to engage for more impact and a better world. Ranging from questions on technology to the future of work to culture and civic engagement, the exchanges at the global meeting will inform and galvanize action. It’s our hope that the goals we set and the plans we make will engage and inspire our partners throughout the year.”

Chiara Corazza, Managing Director, Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society


Focus on initiatives to improve health outcomes


Sanofi is involved in through its international delegation of more than 25 Sanofi people, which each year reflects the diversity of Sanofi employees around the world.

During all the Women’s Forum, a range of sessions with Sanofi will address issues relating to leadership, innovation and technology in the health sector, as well as the breakthrough of e-health to better support & threat patients.


On October 5, Olivier Brandicourt, CEO of Sanofi, will speak about innovation. This plenary will be focus on ‘Daring to transform our health ecosystems’. With more than 400 million people worldwide lacking access to essential medical services, the sessions will concentrate on initiatives to improve health outcomes. This includes advances in health-related technology and the better utilization of data, but also discussions on barriers women face accessing healthcare.

As well on October 5, Gilles Litman, Head of Global Integrated Care, Global Business Unit Diabetes & Cardiovascular, Sanofi will talk on How can innovation support well-being, prevention and disease management?’

On October 6, Valérie Faillat-Proux, Head of the Sanofi Espoir Foundation, will introduce the Sanofi hosted session on E-health: Health delivery to under-served groups’.


Innovation and technology are at the heart of the healthcare sector, and at the heart of Sanofi’s work developing e-solutions for both patients and healthcare professionals. Biological 3D medical imagery, predictive and personalized medicine, and digital health all contribute to longer life expectancy and reduced isolation from society.


During this event, through the Future of Health Hub, Sanofi will welcome participants on its dedicated booth. Innovative e-health solutions by Moona, Campus Docent Sant Joan de Déu in collaboration with University Politecnica of Catalonia, and DiabVoyage by Sanofi will be showcased to participants all day long


Sanofi is thrilled to contribute to the 2017 Women’s Forum Global Meeting edition, which promises to be an exceptional event, rich in exchanges and new insights.


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