VivaTech: an exciting opportunity for healthcare innovators


Advances in science and health care doubled life expectancy in the twentieth century: from 40 to around 80 years in the developed world. Scourges of the past like smallpox have been wiped out and polio is a mere memory in most of the world.


The pace of innovation is accelerating faster than ever. The sequencing of the human genome, biotechnology and the digital revolution offer tremendous prospects for tomorrow’s medical landscape: predictive, preventive, participative and personalized.


• Predictive: Through the use of genetic tools and data analysis, we will be able to use each individual’s gene map to predict that individual’s risk for chronic conditions as well as how they are likely to respond to a given treatment.
Sanofi is working in this area through our partnership with Verily (formerly Google Life Science) and our joint-venture Onduo pulling together Verily massive computing capabilities with Sanofi expertise with respect to diabetes.


• Preventive: Rather than the standard of care today, which usually means waiting until you are sick to start treatment, medicine in the future will be focused on preventing illness.
Widespread access to vaccines will continue to play a huge role in prevention. As an example, Sanofi’s first ever Dengue vaccine will help fight the disease. We can use the predictive information from genetic maps, data analysis and a coming generation of diagnostic tools to know what steps to prevent you from getting sick.


• Participative: In many cases, prevention will require behavior changes as much as the use of biopharma treatments – eliminating smoking to reduce Cardiovascular disease, reducing sugar intake and obesity to prevent the onset of Type II diabetes, etc.
We are seeing an uptake in participation thanks to the spread of “wearable technology” that can record exercise or monitor basic body parameters; the clinical grade devices on the way will report far more precise information in much more detail so that the individual can take independent action in defense of their health.


Personalized: Our knowledge of an individual’s gene map and the use of new gene editing tools will create treatments that have the ability to go after the underlying cause of a disease with extreme precision, even to the point of treatments that are personalized to the individual. At Sanofi, we already have monoclonal antibodies and other tools that allow us to target specific proteins that are the ultimate cause of serious conditions, meaning to address pathologies at its roots cause and not only the symptoms.


At Sanofi we are organized to take advantage of this accelerated pace of innovation, and we are very optimistic about the future.

From prevention to treatment, we transform scientific innovation into healthcare solutions in human vaccines, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, oncology, rare diseases, multiple sclerosis as well as consumer healthcare. We believe that innovation can empower everyone to lead a healthier life. That’s why, at every stage of our organization, from Research & Development, through to production and patient support services, we work to integrate the latest technologies to make our innovations accessible to millions and millions of people around the globe.

The more than 100 000 people at Sanofi work hand in hand with patients and strong collaborative partnerships with best scientists and high performing companies, including start-ups, in each therapeutic area.


In this context, we will take part to VivaTech, an event co-organized by Publicis Groupe and Groupe Les Echos, from June 15 to June 17, 2017 in Paris. VivaTech enables startups and big companies to forge meaningful and lasting relationships to co-innovate and grow their businesses. It represents an opportunity to explore tomorrow’s trends, discover today’s best innovation, and be inspired by the most disruptive ideas on the planet.




VivaTech_Heather-Bell_BD“Digital technology takes innovation in the pharmaceutical industry to a whole different level. At Sanofi, it is helping us to bring products to market faster, to identify which people should be using our drugs, and to better support our patients and their physicians. We know we can’t succeed on our own in the fast-moving tech world. That’s why VivaTech 2017 is so important. We want to source the best ideas and partner with agile start-ups to bring them to life,” says Heather Bell, Global Head of Digital and Analytics.


During the event, we will host startups in the different emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, 3-D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, materials science, big data and analytics … to come up with even better health solutions and services. We are looking forward to welcoming you on our “Tech for health” lab at VivaTech.
We have received applications from Startups which could become our new partners and contribute to the future of health.


VivaTech_Ameet-Nathwani_BD“Sanofi has an unprecedented opportunity in the light of the digital revolution to leverage the wealth of information of patient outcomes in the real world and to demonstrate how medicines are truly impacting patients and systems,” adds Ameet Nathwani, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Sanofi.


To know more about VivaTech 2017, click here.


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