Journey Through the Life-Cycle of a Medicine

Journey Through the Life-Cycle of a Medicine

What does happen from the moment a pharmaceutical company identifies an unmet need to target to the launch of a new medicine? And what does the company has to do once the medicine is on the market?

Cary Yonce, Vice President, General Therapeutics and Life-Cycle Management at Sanofi US, take us on a journey through « the Life-Cycle of a Medicine ».

Life Cycle Management or LCM is a common approach used in most of the industries across the world. But what Speaking of Sanofi delivers here is a pedagogical infographic, listing all the essential steps of medicine development from discovery to post-launch, to help students, patients and healthcare professional to understand this « important – and sometimes lengthy ».

It includes collaboration with patient, FDA and other third parties at a really early stage, as well as disease awareness campaigns.

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