50 Hours to Improve
Tomorrow’s Health


The Hacking Health Camp is all about bringing together medical experts and new technology enthusiasts for a whole weekend to generate new connected health concepts for patients. These healthcare dedicated hackathons were born in Canada and now take place in more than 30 cities around the world. Strasbourg has been hosting the French edition of this unique event for the past 3 years.


For this year’s edition, 400 e-health enthusiasts participated in 2 days of conferences and 50 hours of non-stop hacking. Of more than 70 projects pitched on Friday night, 23 were developed during the weekend, 15 received one or more award and will get an exclusive coaching by professionals.


Among these awards, the “Sanofi Innovation Award for Patients” given for the first time by patient associations, went to “Activ Diab“, an app helping Type 1 and 2 diabetics better manage their physical activity. This year, Sanofi was not only a sponsor. Members of the Patients and Diabetes Solutions team at Sanofi Diabetes France also joined “DiabVoyage“, one of the project teams. They took part in the conception of a dedicated app for diabetic patients, helping them to better manage their condition while traveling abroad.


Le Lab Santé dedicated a series of videos to the event. This is not only a great opportunity to discover innovative projects improving patients’ daily lives and treatments but also enhances healthcare professional communication. The Hacking Health Camp is first and foremost a unique occasion to bring together doctors, coders, pharmacists, designers, physiotherapists, patients, trained healthcare professionals and students. People that, even if they are not used to working together, all share the same desire to improve tomorrow’s health.


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