Effectively fighting Dengue fever and Zika through international collaboration

Effectively fighting Dengue fever and Zika through international collaboration

With the imminent approach of the Summer Olympic Games, taking place in Rio de Janeiro from 5-21 August, the fight against Dengue fever and the Zika virus has become a subject of even greater concern for international health organisations.


These two infectious diseases, both particularly prevalent in tropical and subtropical countries, represent a major public health challenge in Brazil. Now, in the face of this looming event, the WHO has directed its experts to assess how holding a major global sporting event in this country could potentially impact the spread of the Zika virus.


In an article published on the BIOtechNOW website, Nicholas Jackson, Vice President and Head of Global Research at Sanofi Pasteur, says that, “Only one thing can bring [these viruses] under control quickly: cross-border, cross-functional collaboration.” Such collaboration would indeed help governments and institutions, as well as industrialists like Sanofi, quickly share more information and monitor and streamline implementation of innovative and relevant solutions.


As Dr Jackson states in the article, “The value of this kind of collaboration is evident in the successful development of the first vaccine against dengue.”


It is important to note, however, that the Olympic Games will not take place during Dengue or Zika season in Brazil.



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